Before you rush out to buy oilcloth fabric, take some time to find out what the top predictions for interior design trends are for the coming year – and to help you out, we thought we’d provide you with a couple of ideas that should be easy to bring into your home in 2015.

The first thing you should start looking out for is anything in dark navy or indigo, as this colour’s looking likely to be big news this year. It’s highly versatile and goes with practically anything, but it complements cream, pink, coral and grey particularly well so bear this in mind when out shopping.

Chevrons are still very much en vogue, so if you already have patterns like this at home then you’re onto a winner straightaway. Try to keep it simple if you can as the design can be a bit overpowering and perhaps avoid using it on cushions or wallpaper if you want to stand out from the crowd.

What we’ve been seeing quite a lot of in recent weeks is the use of colour in seemingly random places. Add pops of your favourite shades on chair legs, or perhaps paint a strip across the top of your living room walls for a different look that will have friends and family eternally jealous of your interior décor.

Don’t be afraid to go for a bit of colour clash this year, either. What you think might jar can actually look lovely when used sparingly together, so ignore all you’ve learned about the colour wheel and be a bit braver with your design choices in 2015.

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