Blue is one of the most on-trend colours this season, it’s been popping up in fabric design in recent months so is very easy to add to your home for an up-to-date look. 

Here at Simply Oilcloth we like to bring you the latest home styles so you won’t be surprised to see that various tones of blue feature throughout our collection of fabulous tablecloths.  In fact, browse by colour and you’ll see there are more than 40 blue-themed tablecloths to choose from!

Why is blue so popular?

Blue is, of course, closely associated with nature – the summer sky and refreshing pools.  However, psychologists also believe it can have a calming influence on us, or even provoke intellectual thought and creativity. According to the BBC Homes website, blue is believed to keep hunger at bay and is associated with loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplation. On the downside, it can look cold and unwelcoming so keep things inviting by choosing a blue with warm undertones.

Using blue in your kitchen

If you want to introduce some blue tones into your kitchen without having to redecorate, your tablecloth is a good place to start.  A blue oilcloth tablecloth can be a great way to bring personality into your home and update your look in an instant, without having to spend a fortune.

As well as plain blue oilcloth tablecloths you can get modern and traditional patterns which feature blue as their accent colour. 

Bramble Chambray oilcloth tablecloth

Bramble Chambray oilcloth tablecloth is a gorgeous vintage-style design featuring delicate flowers and birds in tones of sky blue and contrasting yellow.

Breeze harbour oilcloth tablecloth 

Breeze Harbour oilcloth tablecloth is a traditional Gingham check design in pastel blue and Esprit Sky is a contemporary oilcloth tablecloth featuring strong blue tones in an abstract design.

Shop for blue oilcloth tablecloths - don’t forget you can order free samples to ensure you are completely happy with your chosen design before you place your order.