Dressing a dining table can be a full scale project. Colour charts, magazine clipping collages, fabric samples and numerous trips to various home department stores are often on the agenda. In reality, it can be as much or as less as you desire, it can be done expensively or on a budget. The trick is to make sure that you are happy with it, and that when you walk past the table, there isn’t a thing you would change.

Traditionally, red cloths, and fine satins with rich gold designs would be saved for the Christmas fare, and summery yellows and peach would be suited for the summer dining table, but now this isn’t always the case. There are no rules to say that red is only for Christmas, that napkin rings are only for candlelit suppers and that table chair covers have to be the same as the table cloth itself.

Candles are always a fabulous addition to your table. At night they provide a romantic and indulgent ambience, the flame of the candlelight dancing over the cutlery and sparkling glassware, and illuminating the art on the wall. In the daytime a candle can take on a more relaxing approach, with many variations of colours and scents to pinpoint the mood of the occasion, if indeed there is any occasion at all.

A napkin ring or charm can really add a touch of glamour to your table. Whether it is a simple gold or silver napkin ring, or a more intricate and detailed charm piece, there are so many designs for you to choose from.

Dressing your table doesn’t have to be just for dinner parties or festive dates. A dining table is central to your home. It gives a place for families to catch up on their daily activities; it gives couples time to relax together and to enjoy a romantic meal and it provides a warm welcome for visiting neighbours and family. Dressing your table shows your personality and creative flair; so go for it and check out  our collection to start your designs!