Whether you’re serving dinner with plates warmed in the oven or enjoying a hot coffee after your evening meal, chances are you’ll need to protect your table from heat damage and scratches. 

Therefore, it can be a good idea to have a heat resistant table protector which fits underneath your oilcloth tablecloth.

Heat resistant table protectors are 56% polyester and 44% PVC and many provide protection from heat up to 100°C.  Not only do they offer heat protection, they also give protection from spillages.  (Please note that table protectors will provide protection from hot cups of tea and coffee and plates warmed in the oven but we recommend the use of additional mats if transferring items directly from the hob or a casserole dish from the oven.) 

Here at Simply Oilcloth we stock a number of heat resistant table protector options. 

Brown and cream heavy duty table protectors – these will suit any table and are available in widths of 110cm and 140cm.  Slightly thicker than the Luxury Table Protector and will need to be rolled when stored.  These are 5mm thick. 

Luxury table protector – these can be rolled or folded for storage.  Also available in widths of 110cm and 140cm. 3mm thick.

A table protector has other uses too - it can also come in handy if you use your kitchen or dining room in between mealtimes, perhaps for work, homework or for messy play with your children or grandchildren.  While you won’t necessarily need the heat protection, the additional barrier can help to prevent your table from scratches or marks. 

When ordering your heat resistant table protector, please provide exact measurements as it will need to fit your table exactly.   You don’t need to allow for an overhang, it simply isn’t necessary.

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