Your Simply Oilcloth tablecloth is designed not to fray, but if you want to create a super-neat finish you can now order a tablecloth with a hem. 

Our hemmed tablecloths service is applicable to all designs in our oilcloth tablecloths range and costs just £20. 

To order a tablecloth with a hem, simply select ‘bias binding – hemmed edge’ from the optional extras section of the order form.  ‘Bias binding’ is simply another way to describe how we add an attractive cotton stitched edge to your chosen tablecloth design.

If you decide not to order your tablecloth with a hem don’t worry, it will still remain in good condition for a long time.  The hem is not necessary to prolong the life of the tablecloth – it’s simply that some customers prefer the look of a hemmed tablecloth.  You can find out more about caring for your Simply Oilcloth tablecloth by visiting our Help section.