Oil cloth fabric is appealing to many for a huge number of reasons, but the fact that it’s so low maintenance and much harder to damage than other materials has to be one of the main reasons so many of you are stocking up for your homes.


However, as easy to clean as it is and as durable as it may seem, you do need to know how best to take care of it so that it really stands the test of time – much like anything else you’d have in your home. Here are a couple of tips from us to help you make sure it looks brand new, no matter how many years have passed.


  1. Getting stains out

Oil cloth is extremely tough and resistant to stains (no doubt why you bought it in the first place!), but there are some things that are a bit tougher to get out than others. Tumeric, lipstick, blueberry juice and some red wines can leave a mark, so just keep an eye out for any spillages. 

  1. Sorting out creases

Whatever you do, do not iron the top side of your oil cloth – you could cause serious damage to your iron and ruin the fabric forever. To get out any creases, simply lay it out flat in a warm room and watch as they all disappear. You could also iron on the reverse side using the coolest setting on your iron. 

  1. Use place mats

Oilcloth can be damaged if you place a really hot bowl or pan on top of it, so make sure you use place mats when laying the table to avoid any nasty accidents. 

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