One of the reasons our oilcloth tablecloths look so good is that they’re made to measure.  We hand cut your chosen oilcloth fabric to fit your table perfectly, so your tablecloth will drape evenly across each edge giving a quality ‘finish’ to the end result. 

Measuring your table properly is, of course, essential.  It’s not difficult and will take you only 5 minutes, but it’s imperative you take care to measure properly, remembering to allow for an overhang on each edge. 

Start by taking exact measurements of your table. If your table is rectangular, you need to measure the length; if it’s circular, please measure the diameter and if it’s square, simply measure the width.  Then you will need to add 40cm for an overhang of 20cm at each side (you might prefer more). 

Once you know the size you require, simply go to the page featuring your chosen oilcloth tablecloth design and choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu.  If the size you require is not in the drop down menu, then please do contact us.  For round tables we can only cut a diameter within the width but we can cut any length of oilcloth fabric for square and rectangular tables, from 100cm to 2000cm.  So whether you’re looking for an oilcloth tablecloth for your kitchen, or a beautiful covering for an extending dining table, we can help you style your room to perfection. 

If you need advice measuring your table, or have any questions about our oilcloth tablecloths, please do get in touch with our expert and friendly team. We want to ensure we provide you with a fabulous and perfect-fitting tablecloth.