The kitchen is the hub of the home, where the family typically congregates day after day, so it’s important that this part of the house is welcoming and inviting so that people enjoy spending as much time as possible in it. Aside from investing in lots of colourful made to measure tablecloths, here are some other top tips for making your kitchen bolder and brighter this year.


All too often, people play it safe with their floor in the kitchen. Instead of going for uniform tiles or wooden flooring, why don’t you mix it up a bit with different types of flooring so you can create your own custom patterns?

Kitchen tiles

Tiles are a great way of introducing some serious colour in your kitchen. Steer clear of white, or add in a few bright pops of colour to your white tiles. What we’re loving at the moment as well is the use of tiles in new and varied ways – what about having your subway tiles done in a herringbone pattern instead of brick or grid formation, for example?

Utensils & crockery

To keep costs down but to brighten up your culinary spaces, pick a colour palette and shop around for different utensils, plates, cups and saucers. Alternatively, you could stock up on all sorts of vintage pieces so that everything’s different. That really would make your kitchen stand out!

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you sit down and give it some serious thought so you don’t end up spending lots of money and seriously regretting it afterwards.