How much tea do you reckon you drink each year? You might well be shocked to hear that the average person drinks some 876 cuppas off their oil cloth tablecloths each year. Isn't that astounding?

Charity Contact the Elderly commissioned a study to find out just how much tea people actually drink and found that they swallow enough Earl Grey to fill over two bathtubs! It was also found that the amount we drink increases with age - over-55s drink 21 cups a week on average, compared with 18 to 24-year-olds who drink eight a week.

While amounts may vary, the reasons behind tea-drinking appear to be the same across generations. More than half of adults questioned said they drink tea for comfort, with the majority of those asked saying relaxation is the main reason they sit down with a brew.

"This research confirms that tea really is part of our national identity. At Contact the Elderly, we know first-hand that a monthly tea party makes a huge difference to the lives of our older guests, many of whom do not have regular face to face contact with anyone other than their carer or the postman," chief executive officer of the charity Mary Rance remarked.

We're sure we here at Table Style actually drink more than two bathtubs of tea a year... perhaps we'll start counting our cups each day! How much do you think you drink? Let us know your tea-drinking habits in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!