Oilcloth Tablecloths in Funky Designs

A stylish wipeable oilcloth tablecloth will instantly refresh any living space and become a feature and a focus of attention. Popular kitchen patterns include the Duck Egg range of wipeable tablecloths, the retro Victorian Cream oilcloth design and the timeless Strawberry Thief oilcloth fabric pattern.

Living room coffee tables can be bought back to life with the addition of a coloured tablecloth which can be matched with any colour scheme, curtains or upholstery patterns.

Colour Oilcloth Tablecloths

Bestselling colours include neutral, white, grey, blues, red, green, black, yellow, purple, browns, orange and of course pink. Some colours like red have the popular polka dot design, whilst the neutral range features light coloured flora and fauna.

Wipe CleanTablecloths for Patio Tables and Kitchen

One of the best things about a wipeable tablecloth is that it can instantly transform a room in seconds, so you can whip out your favourite table covering for guests or when food is served, wipe it clean in moments then fold and store away until the next time it's needed.

The benefits of an oilcloth tablecloth are twofold primarily, the number one is the manufacturing process which provides a wipe clean stain resistant surface - suitable for outdoor patio tables as well as indoor busy industries such as a cafe or family household. The other feature of oilcloth is that by nature it's durable, heavy duty and lasts for many years which is an added benefit when compared to a fabric table covering.

Help and Buying Guide

Our comprehensive tablecloth buying guide takes you through the measurement process, alternatively call 01606 833886 to speak a member of our team.