There are now just 47 days to go until Christmas, so now’s the time to gather your children around the oilcloth tablecloth on the kitchen table to write out all your Christmas present wish lists, ready to send to Father Christmas ahead of December 5th.

This is one of our very favourite Christmas traditions here at Simply Oilcloth. There’s nothing like the excitement that little children feel over the festive period – it almost makes us feel young again ourselves! Why don’t you make a real day of it and spend a good few hours making your own gingerbread houses, a few Christmas decorations for the tree and sipping on delicious warming spiced hot chocolate before sitting down in the evening to pen a few letters to good old St Nick?

Just make sure that you and your little ones send them off to the North Pole in time for them to reach Santa before he heads out on his sleigh with Rudolph and co to start delivering presents. Royal Mail has been helping Father Christmas find out what children really want on December 25th for nigh on 53 years (wow!) and has just issued a very gentle reminder to families all over the UK that December 9th is the last day for post if letters are to get to the North Pole in time.

Last year, the postal service helped deliver an incredible number of letters to Father Christmas, hundreds of thousands of them in fact… and those in the know are asking people to make sure that they leave their full name and address on their cards so that Father Christmas knows who to reply to. You could even think about adding in a little present for Santa to help sweeten the deal and make sure that your kids get exactly what they’ve asked for – last year apparently, people put carrots in their letters and mince pies as well. No wonder Santa is so rotund!

Royal Mail chief elf Alex McConnell had this to say about Christmas present lists: “We are proud that for over 50 years, Santa has allowed us to help manage the hundreds of thousands of special letters he receives from boys and girls across the country. His special team of elves at Royal Mail enjoy taking a peek at what children are asking for and helping Santa reply to these special letters!”

Post your missives off to Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ. Fingers crossed that none of you end up on the naughty list… there’s nothing worse than getting a lump of coal in your stocking, is there? If you want to find out if you are on the naughty list, head to the Claus website, type in your name and find out if you’ve been good or bad this year. Hope you make it to the nice list!