At this time of year, we embrace family traditions, but all the while, we’re looking for something new to make this year’s festivities particularly special. That’s why, more and more of us are looking to get crafty and creative with the likes of yarn, paper and oilcloth fabric, to create something original that no one else will have in their home.

Well, since oilcloth is our particular area of expertise, we’ve got some DIY ideas for you using our fabulous designs that’ll truly make your Christmas the best one yet.

Christmas Table

Of course, the best use for our oilcloth tablecloths is for your Christmas table – but have you considered making yours a more permanent feature of your Christmas décor? Instead of simply covering your table as and when you have people round to eat, spread one of our festive designs across your table, and staple underneath trimming off the excess or tape underneath with strong fabric tape. Its wipe clean, making it a durable option for your table during the busy guest period that is Christmas and it won’t move, meaning it’s a more solid option for those who aren’t use to tablecloths. 

Best of all, it doubles up as the perfect wrapping table for tackling those mountains of presents that need to be made picture perfect for under the tree. Unfortunately we don’t all have elves to help with this!

Easy Stocking

Fancy yourself a bit of a seamstress? Well why not try this easy DIY for an oilcloth stocking! Simply draw a stocking shape on a piece of tissue paper or card, cut out one from oilcloth, flip the template and cut out another. Place the two right sides together and sew around with your machine leaving a gap at the top. This will work better on something more than a basic machine, as oilcloth is a thick fabric. Turn inside out and voila – an easy durable stocking that’ll last for years. To add a loop for hanging, why not hole punch in a corner and loop some ribbon through?

2017 Diary

A 2017 diary makes for a perfect Christmas gift, as most people haven’t got around to buying one for themselves yet. The only question is what design? It’s hard to find the perfect diary, so why not make one super special yourself? You’ll need to consider a durable option for those people who carry theirs around a lot too, so oilcloth once again makes the perfect choice.

Simply line your oilcloth fabric with stick back plastic, cut to size and wrap around your open diary, ensuring the sides are neatly wrapped around the diary on the inside back and front covers. Voila, easy and super personal!

Leftover Saver

This DIY comes from domestic goddess Martha Stewart and tackles the big Christmas dilemma – leftovers! These bowl lids are elasticated and easy-to-make, meaning you don’t need endless Tupperware and can keep food in the serving bowls as needed. Also a brilliant idea for a big Christmas buffet you need to prep in advance!