As well as reducing the amount of effort involved in clearing up after a family meal, an oilcloth tablecloth can also protect your furniture from scratches and damage. 

Because oilcloth is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, you can leave it in place whenever you’re using your table.  That means your table is protected while you’re using it for work, homework, food preparation or even messy play with young children.  In fact, lots of nurseries and schools as well as parents buy our wipeable tablecloths just to ease the amount of tidying up they have to do after a good water or Play-doh session!

Of course, this means leaving your oilcloth tablecloth in place in between mealtimes which makes it super-important for you to choose a colour or pattern which you love and which compliments your kitchen.

Fortunately the rise in the popularity of oilcloth tablecloths means that there are now hundreds of colours and designs to choose from. 

As your table is likely to be a focal point in your kitchen it’s worth investing the time and effort in getting your choice right, so order your free samples before you make your final decision. 

Don’t forget, our range includes special Christmas oilcloth tablecloth designs and there are lots of lovely bright patterns which are great for parties at any time of the year, so you can alter the look of your kitchen in an instant while protecting your table at the same time.  (Take a look at our children’s oilcloth tablecloth section or shop by colour to find your perfect party tablecloth.)

Other ways to protect your kitchen table include:

  • Use placemats – keep them on the table so that they’re quick and easy to access at mealtimes.
  • Use trivets – these enable you to place hot pots on the table without the risk of burning your table or your tablecloth (an oilcloth tablecloth will not withstand direct oven-to-table heat).
  • Wipe clean after each meal – get into the habit of giving your tablecloth a quick wipe after each meal.  Stuck on food will come off, but it’s a chore you can prevent.
  • Buy a pen pot – if your table is used for work or homework, keep pens and pencils in a pen pot so that they’re not left on the table, increasing the risk of damage. If you have young children, choose pens with washable ink.

Protecting outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can also be protected by an oilcloth tablecloth.  Wooden tables, in particular, can be prone to marks from spilled food and drink as well as scratches from everyday wear and tear, and glass tables also need care.

Often, people buy an oilcloth tablecloth for their garden table instead of using placemats as it gives all over protection which placemats cannot provide.  And because you can opt to have your garden tablecloth with an umbrella hole when you order it, you’ll get the perfect fit.

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