If you’re a mum, you’ll know a PVC tablecloth is a great option for keeping the house easy to clean – and no doubt you’ll already know, both dinnertime and playtime have the potential to become a big mess!

That’s why we recommend our oilcloth tablecloths for dinner tables and for pulling out if the kids want to get creative with arts and crafts. However, it may leave you longing for the rest of your furniture to keep up in the child-proof stakes. Well, we’re here with some helpful tips to get you creating a perfect, pretty home using our tough oilcloth fabrics.

There’s only one tool you’ll need to invest in to give yourself endless possibilities to get crafty with oilcloth – the humble staple gun. Staple guns are easy to find in general hardware stores or stationery shops, and you’re sure to be able to find a good deal on one if you shop online. Oilcloth, being a thick fabric, will likely benefit from a more heavy-duty gun. Now you’re ready to get upholstering!

We use the word 'upholstery' loosely, after all, we’re not going to be replacing the fabric on armchairs quite yet, but with a bit of oilcloth, you’ve got some great options open to you.

Drop seat chairs are an obvious candidate – often succumbing to wear and tear in the household – giving you the option to match your dining chairs to your table cloth. Simply loosen and pop out the chair pad, remove the fabric covering the seat base and upholstery foam, wrap the oilcloth around the foam and re-staple to the bottom of the seat base. And voila! An easy creative project to add some personality to your kitchen or dining room.