Keeping your house clean can be a bit expensive, what with all the different products that you have to buy, but what if we told you that you could keep the costs of cleaning your tablecloth and other items down with a few simple things that you probably already have in the cupboards?


Speaking to MailOnline, Alex Depledge - chief executive of cleaning site - explained that tomato ketchup can be used to clean silver, copper and brass, while potatoes and baking soda are really good at getting rid of any rust you might have. Vinegar is also great at removing rust, while banana skins are used to buff leather.


You can clean your loo with cola by leaving it in the bowl for an hour to let the acid take effect, mayonnaise is effective at removing marks on your kitchen table (great if you have small kids!), while grapefruit can remove any limescale problems you have. You can also get rid of any fridge odours by putting dry ground coffee in a plastic tub with holes in the lid and leaving it in there.


What's also brilliant about these home cleaning remedies is that you can limit the number of harmful chemicals you're bringing into your house, which is particularly important if you have really young children. You never really know where they're going to put their little fingers next, so if you rely on natural products to keep your home clean you'll have far less to worry about than if all you use is bleach and nothing but.