Not everyone can be blessed with a gigantic kitchen, but we think a smaller space can be really cosy if designed and laid out in the right way, with everything from the table and chairs to the William Morris table linen in their rightful places. Here are our top tips for saving space in small kitchens.

1. Single bowl sink

We love how Belfast sinks look, but they’re as much a practical choice as a pretty one. You can gain at least a foot of extra worktop space in your kitchen if you have a single-bowl sink.

2. Mounted storage

If you’ve got a small wall that doesn’t look like it’s up to much, don’t just stick some paintings and photos on it and be done with it. Make it a lot more useful by fixing some racks on the wall from the floor to the ceiling and you’ve got the perfect space to hang your tea towels, utensils and knifes.

3. Remove the door

You’ll be surprised but something as simple as taking off the door to your kitchen can really open up the space if it is on the small side. It’s also a lot nicer for the person doing the cooking if they can talk to people in the living room without a door in the way!

4. Cabinet insides

The doors of your kitchen cabinets are perfect instant space-savers. You could stick up a corkboard or magnetic board on the insides of the doors and use them to help keep your cupboards organised.

5. Fold-down tables

If your kitchen really is tiny, instead of getting a full-size kitchen table, what about a fold-down one that can be attached to a wall? This wall save so much space and either serve as an eating area or as an extra surface to help you while cooking.