Yes, that’s right, despite everything seemingly skyrocketing in price lately, the cost of 11 staples of a traditional Christmas dinner is cheaper than last year - and the lowest it’s been since 2009.

 According to the Good Housekeeping Christmas dinner index, the cheapest way to get all of the ingredients for a dinner for eight people is to shop around across Lidl, Aldi, Iceland, Asda and Morrisons, with the shopping costing £19.82 if you’re selective about where you buy what.

If you just want to stick to one supermarket, Aldi topped the list, with a festive feast here costing just £22.03, closely followed by Lidl where you can get the same items for £24.57, and Iceland where the shop costs £24.81.

The food included in the Good Housekeeping Christmas dinner index includes a turkey, potatoes, stuffing mix, Christmas cake, carrots, parsnips, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, a Christmas pudding, brandy butter and mince pies.

A shop at Aldi is 11% cheaper than the winner in the index last year - Iceland - good news when you’ve also got to factor in buying presents, decorations and a new festive wipe clean tablecloth.

Caroline Bloor, consumer director at Good Housekeeping, said the drop in price is “mainly thanks to the big decrease in the cost of these groceries at Aldi and Lidl that the overall basket is significantly cheaper”.

To compliment the delicious food you’re serving on Christmas day, you’ll want stunning table decorations. Luckily we’ve got some advice for affordable ways to make your table sparkle this season, including recycling old jam jars and using them as tealight holders.