There’s nothing better than sitting down around your wipe clean tablecloths with the family for a delicious Sunday roast, is there? However, it seems that some people love roast dinners more than others and there’s actually a bit of a regional divide when it comes to this kind of tucker.

A new study, carried out by online retailer, has found that in Glasgow people prefer to eat beef, while Mancunians would rather have chicken on their plate. In Edinburgh, meanwhile, pork is the most popular fare and those in Liverpool are more partial to a bit of lamb.

Bristol was found to be the most popular place for roast dinners, with 68 per cent having one each week, followed by Liverpool at 66 per cent. Nationwide, some 61 per cent love tucking into a weekly roast, with 13:00 on a Sunday the preferred time to sit down with the family.

“Us Brits undoubtedly have a love of cooking, and as the research has shown we still enjoy making huge Sunday feasts for our friends and family, on a weekly basis,” brand director with the company Andrew Kirkcaldy was quoted by the Sun as saying.

As delicious as roast dinners are, it can be quite stressful putting it all together since there are so many different components to include. Who hasn’t had a bit of a meltdown at the stove while trying to get everything ready all at the same time? We’ve just come across this very helpful timing chart to help you get your roast chicken dinners perfect each and every time – and with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, we reckon scores of you will be turning to this to help you get it right.

And, of course, we live in the technological age so don’t forget to turn to your smartphone for help. There’s a great app from Time to Roast that you might find useful when cooking beef, lamb and pork, as well as chicken, duck, goose and turkey, and it couldn’t be easier to configure your app with the different settings you want to use.

Or there’s the Roast Perfect app from Certified Angus Beef that will help you to prepare roasts for special occasions using cuts like prime rib or chateaubriand, as well as everyday beef. There’s a roast timer, recipes and tips, and help calculating portion sizes to help you enjoy the best roast beef dinner going.

Now that you’ve downloaded those apps, you’re ready to roll with your cooking – but make sure that you have the perfect tablecloth to help you really wow your guests with your hostess skills. We have a huge range of different cloths to suit any occasion so make sure you have a browse of our site to see what we’ve got in stock. Here’s to many a happy roast dinner with the family!